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  1. Renan

    Poll Time!

    Regardless of the chaos FTX is making right now, I was just wondering what's your favourite thing that they introduced to the game. But I'm probably too naïve hoping they will freshen things up and add something good again to the game.
  2. Hbanx

    [POLL] Should punish those who use a bug?

    As we know a lot of players uses the bug to have extra sicarios and bonus on theire deffence and fincas, this is so unfair, impossible to beat them. What do you think? They need to be punished? Say whye if no If yes say what kind of punishment
  3. Hbanx

    [Poll] Do you take the new offer if they add it ?

    I think a lot of people have noticed the new offer that ftx offers for new players (daily subscription For gold) They say that they have tried it on a group of Players but there are not a lot of subscribers to this offer If they add this offer will you take it?