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Fast heroes dealing overwhelming damage.


New Member
Nov 4, 2021
Hello, support.

During PvP almost everyone is using Sela, TPol, Kyra and William. They are overwhelmingly imbalanced, ain't they¿

They move first due to fast speed, and they instant-kill, which means you are 1-3 crew short if don't pick them too.

The problem is extreme on Sela and TPol. a) Sela can instant-kill even when she's debuffed with major attack down and major tech down. Debuffs apparently don't work on her. The computer Sela&TPol also always take the initiative when you also have them and your speed total exceeds the computer's. This is probably a bug. b) TPol is "the one" in the game. She moves first at speed 17. She instantly kills 1 more often than not. Then casts attack down while purging¿ She is the perfect crew with top speed and top damage and debuff skills. It's not a compliment, as I don't think such a role should exist in any strategy game.

I'd recommend lower the attack of whoever's speed above 13 to the lowest possible value, and critical chance to 0%. It's fine for a fast hero to cast some annoying debuffs, but instant-kill is sure too much.

I think Blizzard is doing a good job on game balancing. They have a very simple rule which probably also works here: Heroes very popular must be nerfed. Overwhelming popularity indicates imbalance. What do you think¿

Another example of toxic popularity: William. He wipes out an entire team if not killed in the first round. Now he 's almost picked by everyone. lol. He's so busy, popular, powerful and boring. Perhaps some changes can be made to mechanics so that every hero has a role to play¿

Thanks for reading.

April - FTX Games

Staff member
Apr 1, 2019
Hi @sonxio! Thank you very much for your feedback! Sela has actually already been nerfed by request from the community. I will still pass your feedback onto the developers as we greatly appreciate it!


New Member
Oct 12, 2021
From what I have read and seen, as you get close to top teams… if you don’t play same meta team with one or two options at best to replace one of the meta team… GAME OVER you don’t stand a chance

With so many great characters it’s a shame that you don’t get to experiment and use diverse or even same generation teams to match up and even stand a chance in end game battles…. Game is really missing out on great overt unity to utilise any and all Characters

I am in to Gold leagues now and already it’s down to about 20 Characters top that are in any One team