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Repeatedly shutting off


New Member
Aug 27, 2021
My game repeatedly shuts off on mission mode. It will freeze and then just shut the whole game down. When I rejoin the mission, my players won’t populate. Sometimes this leads to a bug on the “Explore” page where all my characters read as 0 so I can’t advance down an alternate path. Sometimes this leads to bug where every time I load a combat level, the CPU team repeatedly cycles through in an endless loop, forcing you to abandon a mission, sometimes on the last level of the mission. And sometimes this leads to a bug where every time you load a level, it just shuts off repeatedly as soon as game play starts, again, forcing you to abandon the mission. This has made the game unplayable and I have left you a 1-star rating on the App Store detailing as much and it will remain that way until it’s fixed.

April - FTX Games

Staff member
Apr 1, 2019
Hi @ApskinnZ, I'm so sorry you've run into these issues. If you haven't could you please submit a Support request in-game so our team can take a look at your game logs? That will help them to find the source of the issue!

If you cannot send a request from within the game, an email with a detailed explanation like you shared above would still be very helpful. The email is: startreklegends@tiltingpoint.com.