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  1. Hbanx

    DEAR FTX ...

    I just want to tell you that if people do everything to cheat it is especially because of you, if the players find bugs, use autocliker it is because of you, you do everything for the player to spend Money, and it is not small sums but big sums that you have to spend to hope to progress, see you...
  2. T

    Tournament false placement

    First of i enjoy this game so i already had some purchases in it to make it easier. And i would keep doing it if it would be needed. But today i had this problem/bug and thats soooo discouraging to even continue playing... I had everything calculated and organized so that at the point i hit 43...
  3. VeniVidiVici

    Fix the game

    This annoying thing happen to me several times after i launch the game and every time i need to restart
  4. Chopper

    Crashed talent search

    Hi all, I am a level 47 game name chopper and I have had problems 3 times while searching for talents for base sicarios, I had 20% RL health and as I clicked to accept the talent the game crashed/error occurred and once I got back on my game the talent had changed to something different so I...