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Solved - lost access to narcos account


New Member
Sep 8, 2021
after restoring my android tablet i've lost access to my narcos account called der_bummsi, lvl53, user ID i know as well. i purchased for thousands of euros (sicarios, gold ... etc) the support is now writing the account is connected to a google play account (which I don't even know) and it could be restored by myself. But i consciously never used a google play account, only the one googlemail adress i have ever had in my live.

It's unbelievable, i provide any informations they asked for, I know my Level, my cartel, my user ID, my username, the exact amount of
construction workers, the exact date when i lost the access, the email adress, even the proof of purchases i did the past years.
Now support wrote:

Try remembering which other email addresses or accounts you might have used. As mentioned, we do not keep any personal information about the account you link to your game, thus it is not possible for us to help you to locate the correct account.

This is how they deal with paying customers!

can anyone help me to restore my narcos account?
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April - FTX Games

Staff member
Apr 1, 2019
Hello @der_bummsi. I was able to find your contacts with our Support team and can see what has occurred.

Your account "der_bummsi" is saved to a Google Play account. By logging into that account, the progress can be restored. We cannot provide login information for Google Play accounts because we do not have it. Thus, unfortunately, the only way forward is to log into the GP account tied to "der_bummsi" in Narcos: Cartel Wars.