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Survival mode | borg alliance needs to be nerfed


New Member
Oct 22, 2021
Hello team,

Been playing the new game mode for a while and each and every time my team just gets decimated with the borgs and only with them. Honestly, you don't even stand a chance against them. They have the speed and the power and in the blink of an eye you are dead. I am actually at level 161 and can't make it through further.

The game gets really imbalanced at this point.

Could you please review and have a look at this? Or what can be done to make survival more fun when matchmaking against borgs, instead of just watching them kill you as they all attack in a row, ignores cover and other. They are the most common in the game and yet the most powerful?

It makes grinding the Ultra rare characters a bit worthless and I had to invest my time in borgs.