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Frustrated af...why can I not log in
April - FTX Games
April - FTX Games
Hello Ghostmob! If you are speaking of Narcos: Cartel Wars or Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements, you should see this issue resolved. If you are still having trouble please let me know and I will point you to the right support team depending on which game you are trying to play.
hey I won the raid event and did not receive the gold 250,000, please do something, it is the second time it happens to me and it is a good game but mistakes like this are disheartening and make you never play it anymore. Mi tag is YoungLuckyRich7 verify please.
April - FTX Games
April - FTX Games
Hello @YoungLuckyrich7, I'm really sorry to hear this. Please send us a support ticket in-game so that our support team can look into this and potentially rectify.