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buenas tardes desarrolladores de ftx, ya ha pasado más tiempo del que ustedes me dijeron para darme una respuesta a la Solicitud # 195813, por favor deben ser un poco más responsables con el tiempo de respuesta a las solicitudes que un usuario y cliente del juego Narcos realiza. gracias y quedare atento a su respuesta
Hi everyone, the game narcos isnt loading, its been like this for several hrs now here in aus

Can anyone give any insight as to when the Game will be back up and running?
Found the gold RPg won over 8 million but didn't get credited...robbing -------
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April - FTX Games
April - FTX Games
Hi there! I assume you are talking about The Walking Dead: Casino Slots?

Could you please be so kind as to send me a ticket from inside the game with a message explaining your issue? That will give me your account identification numbers and allow me to help you further. This can be done from within the game by clicking the Gear in the top right corner, then clicking "Get Help" and finally "Contact Us".

Thank you!
New rank of leagues.
This new ranking of leagues i think that should be by level like in the events for example. It is very difficult for people that plays at just 3 or 4 months and is at level 37 or less getting in the same league and win the league against high level players. You should review that to make the game more equal for all. Thank you.
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bey Bey man
bey Bey man
I agree the leagues should be by player level because the update makes it difficult at low levels to medal equal to equal with 60s levels
Nuno oliveira
I think that should be like in the events. It us going to be mor equal for all!
Get free coins by playing the side games. Look for a little silver box right side above the tab.
Who dis?
Haha my teammate. We rocking bro
Guys since update anyone having problems getting into game, I keep getting code 11:GS have deleted and reloaded game numerous times it won’t even let me in or send report
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April - FTX Games
April - FTX Games
HI there! My sincere apologies for the late response. Please email us at narcos@ftxgames.com if you find you are still having trouble. We'd love the chance to help you!