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  • Hello Ben, I have some question about XP points, can you send some scheme for XP points depending of player levels, or just write me how much max XP have 16, 17, 18lvl.. Thanks!
    Huey CURL
    I really don’t know a lot of things that are part of the game I don’t understand try to work it out
    Maybe Ben want in game only few players with platina card, not the smart players what cannot now play. because they wont spend gold on all upgrades. Warden Tower totally destroy the game.
    hi, why you dont communicate more with community ??? the warden tower is abig mistake!!!! you MUST overwork that !!! now its nearly impossible to play this game ....believe the players...
    Please, review 2 topics, the one I just created and another one is roulette in General sections, I can't provide the links because your systems says it's ad-like message, oh lord
    Ben what's going on. I have told you the problem. How are you help us. Every minute is important in bounty hunt. And don't tell us ftx haven't change anything. All players can see it. Are you really playing the game? Ftx has give no informations and change the rules. That's not fair play.
    Hi Ben, can you please solve the bounty hunt bug. We get no 60 or 100 bases. Only 20 or 40 available. If we refresh we get the same. It's not fair
    Are you now our forum Mod for narcos. If yes please try to communicate more than Mr. Chase. He has make many guys very angry. Ty
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    Hi zecke2, I am a new forum mod, I started very recently and am still reading the forums and answering what I can. But in the coming weeks, I will be very active on here and do the best I can with the tools I am given. Chase is still around but less so due to other projects. Feel free to reach out to me if you need. Like I said I won't be able to answer everything but I will do my best.
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