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Recent content by BenOG

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    Episode 7 glitch on Borg cube (game 3 -‘through a long track)

    This issue has been fixed, please update to version 1.0.9
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    Episode 7 glitch on Borg cube (game 3 -‘through a long track)

    We are planning to release a fix for this with the next version, to be released on or just after June 16th. Until then, please try these possible workarounds: If you're using touch input, please try scrolling the mission map left and right by tapping and dragging left and right until nodes are...
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    SOLVED: Update 1.38.7 crashes on older iPhone

    @Tampico Sunrise - Shark Yes, the issue is known, the dev team has been able to reproduce this issue and are working to resolve it.
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    Tilting Point acquires Plamee Studios and FTX Games assets

    Hello @AxScorpio. Yes, you're right about the acquisition. You can read all about it HERE. But as always @April - FTX Games and @Ben - FTX Games, are still around to monitor the forums and receive feedback about the game(s) you play. Have a great day. :)
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    Gas cans disappearing

    @Imagin916 Thank you for reaching out. Could you please contact our support team by sending them a request from in-game? This can be done from within the game by clicking the Gear in the top right corner, then clicking "Get Help" and finally "Contact Us".
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    Hello @slide_x Thank you for your feedback and I will pass it on to our development team. Hard is meant to be a real challenge, this is also a reason that the team allows for multiple completions of all 3 dificulties as well as the ability to change the difficulty for each quest. I'd suggest...
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    auto-clicker program

    Hello @Hicke1967 it is not surprising that other games have banned you for the use of an auto-clicker. These programs lead to player frustration and break the fundamentals of gameplay. Please note by posting your actions here we have no choice but to look into and possibly flag your account. We...
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    Free credits lost

    The notification system attempts to grant you coins when you aren't playing. However, by your own account, you were playing on one device and then attempted to collect on device number 2. The system flags this as inappropriate behavior and does not award the coins. As mentioned we don't suggest...
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    Free credits lost

    Hello @Imagin916, we do not suggest playing on multiple devices - this is one of many issues that can result from this type of play.
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    Money Pit

    Once your heroes hit max level there is no need for experience to continue to drop - so instead of experience, the equivalent coin amount is given. As for your feedback on the Time Quest thanks, and I will make sure our developers are looped into your feelings.
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    Narcos club subscription

    Hello @Lboogie1971 , we have been closing all threads related to this issue in an attempt to cut down on duplicate threads. Please see THIS thread to see how you may gain access to subscriptions.
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    Unused Chests

    Hello @slide_x at the end of the Hero Season all unopened chest are automatically opened and allocated to the current Hero Season. In short, no, you cannot carry over your unopened chests to the next season.
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    Winning without a prize.

    @ShakeyDclown Thank you for posting about this serious issue. The Dice Game has been removed for now to be fixed. For those players that have abused this issue, your games have been rolled back - if a purchase was made prior to this issue please take a moment to contact our support team by...
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    Daily hunt

    Could you please be so kind as to send me a ticket from inside the game? I will need your identification numbers to be able to look up your account. This can be done from within the game by clicking the Gear in the top right corner, then clicking "Get Help" and finally "Contact Us".
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    Waiting for cards.

    Hello @ShakeyDclown, Thank you for your feedback on the events that you do like as well as the low rate of card pack drops, I have passed it on to our development team. If you have any questions or want to reach out in the future, please do not hesitate to do so - our support team can be...