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Recent content by ipasher

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    Ammo factory: t’s

    Am I the only one who noticed change in description of 2 Ammo Factory buildings? @April - FTX Games could you please clarify why it changed?
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    Is the new shield gona save narcos?

    Below is a screenshot from initial topic from 20th of May (https://ftxgames.com/forums/threads/new-building-shield-generator.31046/). It clearly states that introduction of SG is against certain strategy, why other strategies (troops) should be affected? Has anyone seen massive use of other...
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    Is the new shield gona save narcos?

    Can you please consider limiting Shield Generator’s effect only to troops who deal high damage? Or only to teams with Davids? My logic is that some troops comparing to fuegos deal tenfold times less damage and if their damage is decreased by same amount, it will affect some players more...
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    Is the new shield gona save narcos?

    IMO shield will give opposite result to what it is said to give. Right now we have a warden tower and usually around 2 milli finca health. Except 4Davids with fuegos under smoke there are tactics with suicide torchers and flashbang or firebomb sicarios. And different variations of combining...
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    Statues will be there. Period. Because they’re something that makes constant weekly income. If someone doesn’t want to spend, then with high probability no statue for him. Now if we’re clear with it, what makes you think this event is worse than previous one? As for me this event is not...
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    What a wall of useless text. All freeware games are just the same. If you want a game where money doesn’t mean anything then play games that you pay for by buying, however the game might disappoint you. Or if you want a constant improvement then play games that are given by subscription like a...
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    New rank leagues

    Go to dictionary and learn the meaning of word ‘polite’, you misused that word. Then go again and learn what ‘losing’ means. You can’t say that you lose gold because you didn’t earn it yet.
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    Unfair Cartel Wars matchups

    More matching time gap? For some weak cartels it might sound as goodness, but for those who play this game only because of wars it sounds like ‘go play another game, there is nothing interesting in here’. Some scheduling of wars maybe? For example like every 2 days for 12 hours there is a gap...
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    New ranks system

    Activity is not result. Activity is measured in points earned. Result in position in the list. Stop getting medals for a pair of weeks, so that average for X weeks becomes lower and you’ll get easier opponents. I have no idea how to explain it easier. And what for you need months? By step up I...
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    Sicario challenge

    Please stop that event. There must be some idea that will be interesting for everyone like a bounty hunt. That event makes sense for new and low lvl players. For endgame players with enough sicarios equipped with required talents, gear and sets it just makes no sense. Upgrading lvl of sicario...
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    Idea :)

    There is no point. USA will be undisputed winner. Besides do you really think that cartels are made by players from only one country? It is just as NHL - National Hockey League. It’s national no doubt because N stays for it, but best players in it are not of nation where NHL games are played ;)...
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    New ranks system

    You didn’t get the point. What you really faced is same level activity competitors. And that’s brilliant algorithm in my opinion. You can either step up, win them and receive even more or you can step back, calm yourself and return one step back to easy wins. More active you are, harder the...
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    New ranks system

    Basically what Gorilas says is ‘get me easy opponents so that I’ll always win’. But the game is designed to be interesting with some competition. And to give that competition there is a matchmaking system with an algorithm which includes not only player lvl, but also and mostly activity. Below...
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    New ranks system

    Give it some time means that after 4-6 weeks there will be enough data for an algorithm to clearly see difference between those who earn 5 pts and those who earn 2 and divide them in more appropriate groups. That will bring together those active 61+ lvl players who earn thousand points in one...
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    New ranks system

    Bye bye