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Recent content by TheFeardOne

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    You steal all players

    3% doesn't seem that much, but if you have that on 8 talents in a troop its + 24% more FB dmg, and with several Fbang with BB it's quite good actually.. So Atleast torch/nuke should be easier..
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    Anybody like the new run to finca wit david/parca? Or is it worse than no deploy

    Hi Ben! @Ben - FTX Games I have played this game since the beginning, and been capo for Norwegian Mafia allmost all this time. We are a small cartell with some of the strongest players in the game (we all have used allot of $). Your game has given us some REALLY good time with some exiting wars...
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    what about Pacho? how to get it....

    Yeah I need this sicario and so do a couple of my members allso... I was on wecation when the offer was announced. At end lvl not having him makes you allot more vulnerable to nuke.. And it doesn't seem fair. Is it anyway that the players that diden't get this offer can get it now??
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    Possible merger with Norways best Cartel

    Thanks for your support Bro!
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    Big credz to a player making a difference!

    I have read allot on the forum, and It's not often I post something, but this time I felt the need. There is a player here at forum that is very active helping others, giving advice, coming up with idea's and demanding answers from (FTX) Chase when we all need it.. I met this fellow to war in...
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    Base sicario

    Fixed on android..
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    Base sicario

    Lost one myself when trying to help out a cartel member.. should have read forum first.. So anoying, and now facing Nomads in war and they got a 27 lvl higher CP and 6 sicarios in defence.. And I have not 5 but 4!!
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    ☆Norwegian Mafia☆ Active members come join our narcos family! (Images attached)

    You can make your own thread for your cartel. When you reply on my thread that people should join your cartel, that's just disrespectful.. I am not mean, just don't apriciat it.
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    New update!

    Let's be hopeful, they just banned allot of cheaters.. :)
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    ☆Norwegian Mafia☆ Active members come join our narcos family! (Images attached)

    If you like disrespectful people, be my guest join hi's cartel...
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    ☆Norwegian Mafia☆ Active members come join our narcos family! (Images attached)

    Thanks! We are both active and work hard to win. But wit FTX "great" matchmaking we have also fought cartels like No Bull, managed to get 120 -175 (no chance..)
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    ☆Norwegian Mafia☆ Active members come join our narcos family! (Images attached)

    We want high rating active players to join our family! Min lvl is 50, and rating 500+. We are nr1. Cartel in our region, and are constantly looking for improvement, both in defence and offence.. (Capos club lvl 29, and cartel finqa lvl 30) We don't kick members that fail in war, but help them...
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    Protecting Fair and Equal Play - Discussion Thread

    If that realy is the case they are trying to get your cartell into trouble with FTX, but they want do anything to people/cartels without allot of information... and being 100% sure.
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    My only hope is that FTX have used so long time just to do something "big", and realy make an example of how to professional deal with people who tries to destroy their product.. And allso make it hard for their loyal paying customers! This should be priority nr 1, nothing else.. Show that you...
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    Fair war matchmaking...

    My cartel Norwegian Mafia are a realy strong cartel. We are 12 very active players from lvl 50 to lvl 59, but I would say average lvl is 54/55. We have a compound lvl 57. We met No Bull a few wars ago. They where all lvl 62+ and has the best compound (lvl 100). Thats a CRAZY match up... We...