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Big credz to a player making a difference!


Sep 26, 2017
I have read allot on the forum, and It's not often I post something, but this time I felt the need.

There is a player here at forum that is very active helping others, giving advice, coming up with idea's and demanding answers from (FTX) Chase when we all need it..

I met this fellow to war in a match not exactly even.. He is the leader of one of the best cartels, and I reached out to him on Line to challenge him.. He responded not negative to my challenge, but wanted he's members opinion. They wasent to keen and it was declined. But what happened next impressed me.

He started to give me really good pointers to take their compound, and others at that lvl (100).
More helpful tips was given, and I was just so glad to have met this very helpful guy!

Big credz to CRABNUTZ!! (capo of Nobull)
Keep doing such great work on forum and in-game!

(Capo of Norwegian Mafia)


Apr 15, 2017
I joined a cartel that had a great war record. After I got to know the players I discovered he had his 2nd account in this cartel. Crab is a top player who never acts like a top player. He is always very willing to help out and offer advice and share and does NOT make you feel like your an idiot. I really miss his input in this cartel and he is super cartel teammate.


Well-Known Member
Apr 7, 2017
I actually bailed on the game a few weeks ago.. lasted 1 week... :rolleyes:. then joined a small cartel with some decent guys and helping build them build up their pound I'm the pound killa and the game is fun again :cool:. Miss you to broski
That's awesome, bro! Small cartels are a lot of fun! Keep in touch, man!