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  1. W

    Ftx lies on bounty Hunt

    chase how its possible that? in the bounty hunt the same target with diferent value, ftx is stolen our money... This isnt fair... Explain that please
  2. B

    Skill slot keep changing between Blue and Red

    After 3 months crafting and collecting dices and platas, and preparing Sicarios, I lastly got Rosa and ranked her up to Blue, fused sicarios and got trait and tallent . The problem is: Its still useless, I cant change even one slot to green, I keep getting Only blue or red ... Blue, Red, Blue...
  3. Dęăťh fřóm Ąbøvĕ

    Finca Level 23...

    Hello Everyone... Finca level increased to level 23. Now additional 7th defensive Sicario and GD will be x7.... @CRABNUTZ where are you bro? What i said you before and see that's done. Well now that's equality, justice. Well done @Chase - FTX Games Well done bro... Really Happy that my...
  4. Rbbarla

    More than one worker

    I think that it would be a nice feature if i could add more than one worker to upgrade my buildings and use less time on the upgrade.
  5. P

    Fuse talent. Fix generator !!!!

    This seems a big issue to me,it’s ridiculous to spend over 4000 gold to get I decent talent I am not talking of perfect talent just saying a decent . To get 2 talent for this amount witch is way too expensive because u generator when change talent constantly shows and repeat talent witch I...
  6. Dęăťh fřóm Ąbøvĕ

    Upcoming Update...

    Well i think the new update must be having a balance in weekly league system that many Players (including me) complain for that. And the daily login rewards might increase to 700 days as now, there is no reward for daily login for those who have got 300 Gold. @Chase - FTX Games if you could...
  7. Yeyo ántrax

    Cartel Wars

    HELLO GUYS: Just stepping by to recomend the possibility of searching for wars in not a ramdom mode. Like for example sending a direct request for war to any cartel you want and of course letting the opponent acept or denied the peticion. How woul you guys like it?
  8. R

    currency exchange office

    Hi which is ok for the game adds a building. The interior building will serve to exchange our plata sicario between members of the clan.
  9. M

    Rocket launcher health

    I,m level 46 and am now coming up against bases with rocket launchers which have health of 100.000 how are we meant to deal with these? Have just upgraded helipad to level 19 and all u get is a +2 energy, I think the reapers are giving too much energy why can't we be given more energy at...