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  1. Dęăťh fřóm Ąbøvĕ

    Bounty Hunt Competition Date

    Hello Chase! How you doing bro? We are tired of waiting for Bounty Hunt Competition. Update has been given so many days ago but no competition has been started yet. @Chase - FTX Games Brother, Can you please let us know that when will the Bounty Hunt Competiton Start? Please...
  2. augustine

    FTX, how does your cartel war pairing system work?

    Please explain to us what factors are taken into consideration that have a direct impact on cartel war pairing; what factors are going to give ones cartel a harder or easier opponent? Is it compound level, member count, lvl average for cartel as whole, league status? Please tell us how your...
  3. Mal jones

    Diegos missile finca is ridiculous. . Makes defending pointless. .

    What a waste of time upgrading anything on my Base. . Diegos are destroying the finca everytime. . Something has to be done. . Just like the scorpions. . It's destroying the game. !!!