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  1. G

    Forta's Talent

    Chase & Ftx... Change Forta's talent so that she protects finca from abilities (missiles + firebombs), like ground defense does. She was introduced to stop no deploying right? So why are some players allowed to no deploy and some arent? Edit: @Chase - FTX Games ???
  2. Segovia

    Training Camp

    I've been looking everywhere for a thread like this so I'm going to start it up. What should I prioritise in the TC apart from troops? What should I never upgrade? My idea is as follows: missile > flashbang > fb > focus > paratroopers. Is it worth upgrading medpacks, paratroopers and...
  3. F

    Solution to finca bombing problem

    I think we can all agree winning simply by using the missile or firebomb abilities on the finca itself, without deploying any troops is wrong. Let's work out balanced solutions to this problem.