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  1. Tigerman

    Talent and sacrifice sicario

    Hello. Am playing in Italian and have a little trouble understanding the meaning of sacrifice of a sicario in order to get a talent. Is there some dedicated webpage or thread where this is explained in detail ? I could not find it. Also, currently level 12, do I always need a certain amount of...
  2. VeniVidiVici

    Really guys

    This is second time i get 50lvl special outpost cmon guys im 41 lvl fix this i don't have tanks in my troops
  3. L

    Cartel matching

    Sorry, my bad (if this have already been posted.) So, we have war issues: we are always matched up with cartels that have players way more powerful than us. I know you use to match cartels in war looking up to the medals rank, but this is very unfair. Medals are nothing else than the proof...
  4. Master B

    Barutansko Podzemlje

    Pozivam svakoga tko je lvl 40+ da se pridruži Cartelu (Barutansko Podzemlje) , radi dobrog društva, zabave, i na kraju igranja.. Kada god želite možete se isključiti iz rata, tražiti pomoć oko napada, taktike, obrana vlastite baze. Da upozorim, u cartel pozivam prvenstveno radi zabave i...