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  1. Renan

    Use of Cash

    Does everyone agree that the use of cash in this game is a little bit exaggerated? As we know, it's used for too many things and some even need an insane amount of it! Levelling up sicarios (level 40 & up is such a pain) Ranking up sicarios Fusing talents Training troops & abilities Filling up...
  2. Segovia

    Cannot Buy Offers?

    Hello, I have recently decided to create a new alternate account. For some reason, I am not able to buy any offers since then. It has been 2 weeks or longer. Every time I try to buy an offer, it tells me "purchase failed", without even having gone through the payment process. Is this because I...
  3. B

    Game stuck at loading - urgent!

    Hello Narcos admins, I'm playing this game since a while and then i stopped because i was busy at work and out of time. recently i tried to play on my mobile but it stuck at loading. restart my mobile - didnt solve it uninstall/reinstall - game opens and after it asks to load an account, so i...
  4. VeniVidiVici


    This game lead a bunch of idiots and morons!! Why - i only see lvl 50,53 and 54 on map when i am lvl 42 -, if u need money just- tell !! I can just look at these outposts
  5. F

    Join to the Colombian Kings lets take over ma boyss

    Aye, whats good Join to my cartel, we the Colombian kings. the kings of drugs we gonna take over everyone whos not from colombia, all these mexicans, gringos... etc Join and lets get this cartel the best.