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narcos cartel wars

  1. H2O

    Cartel Compound-Maxed Capo Club Perks- What to do with all this cash??

    So capo club is maxed out and everything in it has been fully researched. We now have Hundreds of Millions of dollars sitting with nothing to spend it on and no way to do anything with it. Not the worst problem to have, i know. Will FTX be coming out with any future updates to cartel compounds/...
  2. issiah


    join us one of the newest level 18 cartel K.O.D KILLERS ON DEECK TOGETHER WE ARE ONE

    Why our cartel gets only stronger enemies in war.

    This is now 9th or 10th war that we get stronger enemies, there is no balance at all, is there something we should not upgrade in Capos or in our Cartel base to get more balanced enemies or is this simply the bad luck. Any tips are welcome, thank you in advance.
  4. C

    Need daily players for a new cartel SRS players only please join me to fight hard

    I need as many daily players as I can get please contact me
  5. issiah

    join killers on deeck together we are one

    looking for active players no interested in wat u can donate or what u can do for me i just need ur activeness im a capo that like to follow n let my cartel lead in war if ur short on strikes im willing to spend gold to get u streat join killers on deeck one love narcos. .......
  6. Chopper


    Wow now we got roulette wheel and widow on offer, I wonder what's next!
  7. K

    Hustlin santa muerte

    Hi everyone join Hustlin santa muerte We're actually lvl 3 and looking for back up Aller venez les mecs
  8. R

    Join our New Cartel - 2 more needed for War - Level 30+

    Looking for players Level 30 + Our old cartel was sampling too much of the product. We splintered off to form an active cartel of elites. We've got an experienced group, but, are 2 players short for war. Join us and share in war and plunder. Search for "Team Canada Eh". Rules of...