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  1. Y

    My idea for new hitmans

    I sent a suggestion for new 'sicários' with classic movie themes. References / inspired. Anton Chigurh - No Country for Old Men (2007) Javier Barden was awarded an Oscar and a Golden Globe for his performance or Scarface - 1983 I wanted to know the opinion of others about this. Thank you
  2. Gogs

    Base Layouts, ask for advice

    Greetings fellas, Playing Narcos a couple months from now, made acount on this forum maybe month, or more ago. It doesnt matter. Here we go, as I can see in last few threads u can not find any of threads that could/might help u to get in touch with Narcos Cartel War, like help in base layouts...
  3. S

    Deutsches Kartell sucht!

    Deutsches Kartell sucht aktive Spieler! Du bist ein aktiver Spieler, spendest jeden Tag, investiert den ein oder anderen Euro in dieses Spiel und suchst Spieler, die genau wie Du, einfach nur gewinnen wollen? Dann komm zu uns der Deutschen Horde! Wir haben eine tolle Community mit einer...
  4. C

    players above 40 welcome

    Hello guys we are looking new players with lvl above 40 :) our cartel is 39 lvl and we are very good but we have only 14 members and now we want more players. Welcome Cartel name: SLOVENIJA TEAM
  5. Hbanx

    New upeate :(

    We look forward to every new update, but this is the disappointment every time. Why you don't listen to the players? We do not ask you to add new things to us but to correct some things. ---> the rewards of wars is mediocre compared to the investment ---> add life for finca to avoid attacks...
  6. VeniVidiVici

    Update good or bad

    I like the update specialy rewards for each day and gold in black market, also i hope u fixed matchmaking that was the biggest problem. And i noticed enemy outposts have now bonus health and dmg, why that?