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  1. Doods1985

    HUGE bug in cartel wars ! Lost an attack

    I gave a pretty bad review in google play , il edit it when this be sorted out ! Problem IS : playing a cartel war , made an attack on my second attack slot , spent litterally about 30 minutes planning the attack , went back to base to get money , came back made recruits ready , attacked , it...
  2. R


    The game is not loading for me and a couple of my friends in the cartel please fix this issue as I have payed thousands of dollars to play this game.
  3. Z

    The same war opponent 3 times in a row now

    Our cartel has been getting the same opponent 3 times in a row and we can't even beat them because they are so much higher level than we guys. This is getting really frustrating. We aren't even attacking anymore.
  4. G

    Defense upgrades don't finish until you come back again

    A big mistake not many people have realized is that; No matter how long your defenses say they take to upgrade, until you don't come back into the game, they will continue under construction. That is, if you start un upgrade, for example the rocket launcher, and it tells you that it will take...