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  1. Pablo Escobar

    Experts help needed plz

    hello guys, I am confused a little bit about choosing my perfect team combination, I am currently lvl 32, these are my sicarios, 1- Alan 5 (lvl 42), with flash talent 2- La Quica 5 (lvl 40) 3- 2 Diego 5 (lvl 40) 4- 1 Diego 3 (lvl 29) 3- Darwin 5 (lvl 40)
  2. D

    Ponillos Hermanos 22/50 players (French and english active players)

    Hey everyone, Our cartel seeks french or english active players. Name : Ponillos Hermanos Since : Summer 2017 Level 10 We ask for players to : - Give money to the cartel - be active and be teamplay - don't forget : "A BIG POWER IMPLIES BIG RESPONSABILITY" Spiderponillo Have a good game and...
  3. Doods1985

    Really support team ? Really ?

    Video link down there . So we are having this war , a guy called (tatu) from uruguay oficial cartel , cant be scouted . None of my cartel team can scout the guy .. I contacted support team and begged to fix this issue before the war begins , what i got is a late reply with SEND GAME LOGS , are...