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  1. F

    Just got "war" against NoBull, 42 levels higher than us

    So, with the current matchmaking, my Cartel (Narcos Portugal) just got matched in a war against NoBull. Let's analyze: Narcos Portugal: Level 43 8653 medals NoBull: Level 85 11995 medals The individual player levels in NoBull are about 20 levels higher than our Cartel. I can inform NoBull...
  2. H

    Totally uneven war encounter

    After a week waiting to start wars again... my clan was paired with this other clan... totally uneven and unfair!!! How is it possible!!! A single player single handedly with ONE attack destroyed my finca !!!! I cant upoload the pic but my clan's finca is level 24 and we got a level 42 war...