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war matchmaking

  1. L

    How does a FTX allow this to happen?

    Unfortunately we are once again being massacred in an unjust war. How FTX allows unequal warfare to occur. I want to understand a lot how the matchmaking algorithm works. How can one cartel face another with double strength? The wars between cartels give us pleasant challenges when they are...
  2. M

    Draw result in wars and ranking system and auction

    Draw result in cartel wars should be fixed ASAP not to be counted as lose for both cartels. Ranking of cartels should be changed because medals that rank up players and cartels only show how long someone is online. This will remove the problem of players being online constantly. Ranking of...
  3. G

    BTK Cartel

    Join Big Tim Killers cartel for extra spaces in your your squad camps and massive boost to flaco power. We are always at war and we are looking for active members to come and reap the rewards with us. Minimum player level 30.
  4. Markiepetarkie

    Fair war matchmaking...

    My god those updates are getting worser and worser... We have a cartel with 6270 medals and face a cartel with 9973 medals.. A war with 14 players participating. 12 of them are over level 46, we have 2 and our next have level 43 or lower 12 have 3 rocket launchers in the compound, we have 2...
  5. Snowflame

    Let's poll together about war matchmaking

    - if you feel War matchmaking is broke, comment on how you think such could be fixed My opinion since I see players gold rushing certain defenses and troops to their advantage there needs to be a weight system that accounts for Finca level, Rocket Launcher level, Piercing cannon level, and so...