AUSTRALIAN HORDÉ - looking for solid active players


Hi everyone,

Australian Hordé are looking for solid active players to help further build the cartel and be active in wars. We are currently ranked #2 regional Australia and progressing forward nicely.

We offer generous rewards and perks and have a solid base of players which we would like to expand. Of course this doesn’t come free. Donations and team work will reward you with these bonuses.

You’ll have to be highly active with decent squads, sicarios and at a decent level of around level 50 to war. (Give or take pending experience and how active you are).

To join it would be preferable you be at a level of 35-40, so you’re not far off the mark to upgrading to the required level where you can start participating in wars. In the meantime you will receive all the perks of the cartel whilst building and strengthening your base.

Eventually I will pass on my Captaincy and hand it over to someone deserving.

Any questions please ask away. I’m more than happy to assist with any questions or even one of our team members may answer you.

If you would like to join please get in touch with me.

Thanks and regards,
El Capiton


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Hey mate I noticed u booted afew players recently was it just ur inactive guys. I haven't been on as much these last few days and now ur only about 100pts behind me in Aus leaderboard again


Yeah did a clean out mate. No free rides especially in cartels like ours where all our nice bonuses have only taken us 2 years to get. We put in a huge effort and some don’t appreciate it.


I’m going on leave so won’t be on for the next couple of weeks. TBH I’m not as passionate about the game as I use to be. They need to inject different elements into the game. Anyway, I’m sure it’s been raised before.