Canadian Bandits (#6 in Canada) looking for LV37+ members


New Member
We are looking for some active members that are Lvl 37 or higher. We war often and all we ask for is full participation in wars and donations when possible. Our cartel is on the Line App and we communicate often. Line App is required to be in the cartel but you are not required to chat. All we ask is that you check the messages from time to time in order to stay up to date with what is going on in the cartel.

Cartel Perks:
+2 Squad Camp
+1 Finca Sicario
Plenty of other offense and defense bonuses as well.

Very friendly cartel. Competitive but not to an insane level where it starts to lose it's fun.

We are currently ranked #6 in Canada and our war record is 46-9.

Feel free to join our cartel. You can contact us in Line through either my ID (listed below) or the ID listed in our Cartel info panel.