Cartel looking to merge ??

jeffrey novak

New Member
Our cartel is currently looking to merge with another cartel. We are a level 60 cartel with currently 25 members ranging in levels 30 to 61. We are interested in merging with another cartel. No huge egos please. Be reasonable and let's work something out between us. Also interested in groups of players interested in coming over for some wars , CCC , BH event etc.
Message me on LINE app at ultimatewarrior951, or respond to my message .Thank you
Ultimate Warrior


New Member
Our cartel is also searching to merge with another one, with active members. Please let me know if there is any interest at all about this.

Cartel name: CLUJ | MANASTUR
Level: 36
Total number of members: 17
Active members: 3 (very active)
Wars won: 35/75