Cincy Boys possible Merge?

Kayne ((CB))

New Member
What’s up Narcos players?! We the Cincy Boys are fully active and accountable for our role in this game. We are currently on the Regional leaderboard. We have a crew of 12 solid players. We wouldn’t want to leave our house is our biggest thing! Our pound is lvl 81. Our CC is lvl 39 as far as the key research being done we are virtually maxed on what you would be looking to be maxed. As we keep getting wars that are 20+ lvls higher on the pound then we are We are feeling we need to gain players that are at lease our caliber to increase the warring size. We do also have a feeder that grinds and totally on page for what it takes for wars in Cincy Boys so we do have options and will consider any options that anyone my bring to the table. Line me Kayne at Cincy Boys 513. Thanks narcos world!! Keep killin it.