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Global chat has been buggy for as long as i can remember

Tampico Sunrise - Shark

Active Member
Mar 10, 2019
There is an intermittent problem with global chat where it glitches and displays messages from hours ago.

New relevant messages are not displayed when this happens.

Global chat should not be broken like this, it’s one of the very few places this game builds its community. The problem is wasting our attention, showing everyone irrelevant messages, and not displaying relevant messages.

April - FTX Games

Staff member
Apr 1, 2019
Hello Shark! Thank you very much for reporting this. Have you noticed any particular correlation to whether you are connected to WiFi or via cellular data? A bad connection could be the source of an issue like this. (I myself have suffered from detrimentally poor cell service and Internet speeds for years :( )

If you haven't noticed a correlation, please take screenshots of the chat logs you are finding behind and send them over to our support team with an explanation of the issue. Screenshots can be sent via email to narcos@ftxgames.com. They may ask you for your game logs as well (after you see the issue), to better help them understand what is happening. Those can be sent by choosing "Report an issue" in the Settings menu. This is best done directly after you notice the issue.

Thank you so much and I'm sorry you've been experiencing this!