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Lost Account


Apr 27, 2017
Hi FTX...... I've been emailing customer supoort to see if I can gain access to an account that has disappeared from my google play account.

My name was this when I girst started playing Narcos over 4 years ago. Whoever I changed that name to Max Payne. My original account was banned but a new one made and the name stayed the same.

My account, which I have spent considerable amounts of money on, somehow has been removed my google play account.

The message I got was, if an account was not linked to a Facebook account, you have lost the account for good.

Is this correct concidering you give 2 options for linking but don't say Facebook is a must?

I'm not trying to be mean or disrespect FTX. I'm just try to get my account back.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Max Payne of Poloman.

April - FTX Games

Staff member
Apr 1, 2019
Hello Max Payne, I've checked your username against our support logs and can see that our team has gotten back to you regarding the restoration of your account. If you need any further assistance, please feel free to respond to their last email and they'll be happy to help!