Narcos: Cartel Wars - R41 Patch Notes

April - FTX Games

Staff member
Hello Capos!

We've introduced a few quality of life changes to the game! Please update to enjoy the best experience.

Here are the full changes and their explanations:
  • Capos and Right Hands can opt-in/out players in Bounty Hunts
    • Within the members' list Capos and Right Hands will now be able to opt-in or out members from the Bounty Hunt. This is similar to what is already available in Cartel Wars.
  • Change to item sales in Inventory
    • You will now have the option to enter the number of items you'd like to sell for Cash in your inventory.
  • "Donate Max" button added to Cartel donation menu
    • When you enter the Cartel donation menu, you will now see a button for "Donate Max." This will auto-calculate how many resources you can donate before reaching the Cartel Bank capacity. You will still be able to use Gold to purchase any number of resources that you are missing to donate the maximum amount.