New Building: Shield Generator!

April - FTX Games

Staff member
Hello everyone, we would like to announce a new building: The Shield Generator! It’ll create a special Shield around Fincas that will absorb part of the damage inflicted by enemy units, Sicarios, and Paratroopers. Please note that it does not create a Shield for any buildings other than Fincas, and must be placed close enough to do so.

If the Shield Generator building is destroyed, the Shield will be switched off automatically.

The addition of this generator is to help create a counter-strategy against David/Parca under Smokescreen attacks. With this building on your Compound, the attacker’s squads will need to make a longer journey to destroy it or spend much more time and, perhaps, troops to destroy the Finca protected by the Shield.

However, we don’t want to hurry with introducing this building for player Bases, as its purpose is rather complex. We like the risky tactic where the attacker makes their squads rush to the Finca that was conceived and mastered by our players, and we don’t want to destroy it. We just want to make it more difficult to implement, which will require more skill and become more balanced as compared to losses it may involve.

At first, the Shield Generator will appear only for Cartel Compounds. This is the safest way to try it in action, as we believe a whole Cartel should be able to destroy one Generator! Moreover, during the last 12 months, we’ve substantially increased defense with Statues, new levels for units, and new Sicarios... but the Cartel Compound defense hasn’t been boosted for a while. The Shield Generator will be a first step in that direction.

After the Generator has been available and tested on Cartel Compounds, we will let our players try their power against it in one-to-one battles in Raid Events. Some of the Events have already become a real nightmare, so we think another super strong building won’t be a drastic change.

Only after the Generator has been tried and proved itself to be great, will it become good enough for your home Base. It will be introduced in Guerrilla Facility, perhaps, as part of a secret Guerrilla project we’ve been conceiving recently!

We’d like to thank you all who took the time to answer our questions and share ideas about problems related to David/Parca under Smokescreen attack tactics. You’re the best!