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Player Feedback Opportunity: Sicario Talents


Feb 17, 2018
I would like to propose some changes to defense sics.

Players go from finca lvl 14 to finca lvl 23 with no increase In base sic until they reach finca lvl 23 and 24 where they get Xtra base sic back to back yet u introduce torchers, combat abilities continue to grow, and combat energy continue to increase. Why not allow players to get rewarded an Xtra base sic sooner like finca lvl 21. It would encourage growth in lvl. I think making this change after the fact would not be much of an issue if any.

Also why not introduce veteran defense sics. Maybe something with -energy talent to combat the Rosa's?

Such cumbersome issues about wasted talents, what I proposed to @April - FTX Games is that the lingering system players are all stucked about in is
the Veteran Sicarios are unlocked by wasting precious other Sicarios when we can hook 'em in the hang-out using Contracts instead.


Apr 28, 2019
Let’s face it.. this game is now low priority for FTX. It could still be a good revenue stream if they upped the chance percentages to keep people motivated and bring in new people. I grind everyday for sweet FA luck from dice and tokens.. with the dying community I’m certainly not spending hard earned cash on gold.

Mal jones

New Member
Apr 7, 2017
Yes, exactly this Goose. We're wondering if it would help to see the percentage increase on level 6 talents prior to having any level 5 ones. I'm glad to hear that this would be helpful and appreciated!

But there are some other great suggestions in this thread as well. Thank you all very much for your responses.

If anyone has any other feedback, whether agreeing or disagreeing with the original request or supporting another suggestion that has been made in this thread, please post!
When is the base shield arriving?