Serious players / cartel merge


Australian Horde is looking for serious active players to join our cartel and or a cartel that’s looking to merge over with us to further strengthen your playing experience.

We are a top ranked cartel in the Australian region and well established with lots of cartel bonuses.

- Level 53 compound
- +1 defence sicario for your base
- + 2 extra soldiers for squad camp expansion
- + 5 extra energy flux
- currently 8% bonus extra superior fortification health for your base and progressing
- plenty of Capo club perks both increased damage and health to buildings and weapons with the addition of increased resource production

I’m a highly active player and Captain (level 64) of this cartel that I’ve been leading for almost two years now, or maybe longer I’ve lost track. I enjoy this game and would like to bring aboard some like minded players with the appropriate outfit. We have many players that can assist and provide tips on how to be top in your level!

Preference will be made to those serious highly active players who have the appropriate sics & soldiers with required talents and skills, both attacking and defence, and are willing to continually change and adapt to upgrades and fight in wars where necessary. Additionally a well dressed cartel defence sicario will work in your favour for rank advancement.

I like to engage with positive players and maintain a positive (negative free environment) for my cartel. Leave your ego at the door. If you meet the above criteria please make contact.

Higher level players would be good but not limited to this. You will have to be at least competitive and close towards the higher levels to be active in our wars. However if your are not and are not that far off this, you may still be considered to join our team for involvement.

If you are an inactive player, this may not be the cartel for you.

To join:

Cartel search: Australian Horde

Download KIK messenger app...
Search: australianhorde

Introduce yourself and let me know what you can bring to the cartel and where you would hopefully like to progress in regards to ranks and we’ll take it from there.

We are an open cartel but please Join and Message.

Happy playing!
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Okay, I am a member of Unbeatable Underdog (lvl 63) in Holland. If you are interested we have Line-app.