Tampico Sunrise

To join, go to your Cartel Port in the app, and search for us by name:
Tampico Sunrise

War is our priority. If you love warring too, join a winning crew. I’m serious when I say your skills will be more appreciated here than in any other cartel.

This is not a farm cartel. We’re a long-time established, loyal and knowledgeable team.

We have a handful of players with exceptional offense, hitting upward 10-15 levels in wars. We have a strong compound specialist. You don’t need to be a star player but we expect all of our members to continually seek to improve. I owe it to our loyal team to recruit only ambitious players.

If you want to help strengthen your new team, and have some fun, please check us out! Bring a friend if you want.

Level 40+ required for war. Lower levels join up too, our perks and our serious effort to help you grow will be a big advantage as you level up.


Tampico Sunrise
Tampico Sunrise
Tampico Sunrise

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Feel free to private message me or ask questions here.

If your level is below 40: we still want to recruit you. Let me know if you’re ambitious and interested. We’ve had better luck with lower levels growing with us than with higher levels joining as their 2nd or 3rd cartel. Whether you join us or any cartel, make sure you find a crew that shares info and experience with you. How to gain an advantage and stay competitive “for your level” is the best question to always be asking. You can’t outrun opponents by leveling up whatever you have enough resources for. That’s a sure way to stay mediocre.
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We’re a more fun crew than any farm cartels who bait and boot players like they’re flipping produce. And when I say you need to be ambitious it doesn’t mean you have to constantly spend money like those farm cartels require. If you’re active, good things happen. If you’re not active you’ll always have excuses of why you’re low on dice, plata.. why you’re using base sics for war.. phases of being less active is fine but to improve, you need to be active or spend mad loot.
@Kevo, my RH booted you because you didn’t say hi or anything when you joined and we’re starting a war soon. If you want to join again just say hi in the cartel chat so we have some confidence. Nothing personal, thanks for joining.