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Weekly challenger's club

Ben Fischer

New Member
Nov 26, 2020
Hi, I play this game for a year and love many things roulette raids, wars with other cartels, sicario posts on map and nightmare raids.But nothing comes close to joy of Challenger's club. Although I didn't win that many times (mostly second, third places), I loved the thrill of the challenger's club. I think it is the best and most relevant feature of the game. that is why I sincerely ask the developers to make the challenger's club a weekly event. It would make the game so much more exciting and interesting for everyone. And it will also help everyone to fight better, think strategically and develop different sicarios with different talents. I look forward to it and it would be nice to have two or more sicario posts on the map too and improved propaganda skill post

April - FTX Games

Staff member
Apr 1, 2019
Hi @Ben Fischer ! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts here in the forum. I'm so glad to hear you're enjoying Challenger's Club so much! I will pass your feedback on to the developers :)