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Weekly Championships


New Member
Sep 6, 2018
OK so I like the idea of the new system in championships points. . BUT top 5 transfer to the next level.. So how to f..... Am I against the same players who came 5 to 15... Been like this for donkeys.. Then you go to there cartel and still shows them in a different league... How is this so...


Oct 1, 2018
What bothers you? The fact that they changed league tier and still being listed as your opponents in league? What do you think is wrong with it? Still same player doing same stuff like you do.
If you want him to be removed from your list then who should be included in it? If system decreases pool of opponents only to ones with same league tier as yours with around the same rating and activity do you REALLY think it will be more easier? As long as we receive biggest possible pool of players with as much as possible same activity it becomes more balanced.

If only FTX could add some sorting with the player levels it would be even more balanced :rolleyes:

But if you start building walls it becomes only harder ;)