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You steal all players

Tampico Sunrise - Shark

Active Member
Mar 10, 2019
Wow thanks for sharing, I’m very surprised. I think it’s normal to assume level 6 talents should be 18% for talents where 5/5 is 15%. And 24% for talents where 5/5 is 20%.

Maybe this is their way of holding back the Don Neto talent.

Please all, share results of level 6 with other talents.


Sep 26, 2017
U for real boy?
That’s barely 3% increase NO USE upgradin’
3% doesn't seem that much, but if you have that on 8 talents in a troop its + 24% more FB dmg, and with several Fbang with BB it's quite good actually.. So Atleast torch/nuke should be easier..


Active Member
Jul 14, 2017
I wonder if there was a WEBSITE that gives us players all information that we were SUPPOSED to have regarding game features , buildings and sicario talents , informations ...
hmmmm ..

But no ! We have to ask players who spent thier time , gold and money so we FIGURE out the riddles our beloved developers throwing at us everytime something new happens , RIP CopyNinja !

Sad sad game , and even sadder for the current paying sheeps .

And before the next edge lord comes and says "if you dont like it dont play it" , again am saying that i spent already 2 years of my life this game while it was fair , not going to throw my hard time because the game just took the way of being money vortex and blind customers who willing to buy thier way to the top. Am mutual playing for fun without paying , even tho it effects my gameplay and experience . Bad things should be pointed out , instead of walking beside it like its nothing , thats what normal human beings should do .