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  • Doods1985
    Doods1985 replied to the thread Where to start.
    Lol nice reply. I wonder where you got that from ;) Spread the word brother ! Maybe youl save some innocent souls from the money...
  • B
    B.Spun reacted to Topher0902's post in the thread Emails 4 coins with Like Like.
    Hi i wAs wandering how often you send people emails to get more coins? Thank you for when you do!!! Have a good one.
  • A
    Andrew 76 reacted to Money0450's status with Like Like.
    How do i receive more free coins for TWD
  • A
    Andrew 76 reacted to Kyrill's comment on Money0450's profile post with Like Like.
    Yeah how can we get more free coins cause slotomania has like ten × the amount twd does
  • A
    Andrew 76 reacted to Dragonlady's post in the thread Emails 4 coins with Like Like.
    I was curious as to why when you finish a tournament on one level why you can not go back and do the tournament at the next level? I...
  • R
    Ralph Kramden replied to the thread Videos.
    Nope. They dont help. Just an automated response telling me or you its a connection issue. 2 weeks later you will get an email saying...
  • L
    Lost_gravity replied to the thread Videos.
    Well, the videos do not seem to work for me either.. not complaining though as raising a ticket is not worth my time. i doubt if anyones...
  • G
    Goose replied to the thread David nonsense no fun :/.
    Prolly not but you can always destroy shield generator with missile or fb before deploying on reg bases.
  • M
    MrBakoBullyz reacted to Goose's post in the thread Community Concerns & Suggestions with Like Like.
    Oh and if your counter argument is that you don't have the opportunity to strategize and hit those high medal wins...yes you do. Level up!!
  • Tampico Sunrise - Shark
    Tampico Sunrise - Shark replied to the thread INSTRUCTIONS?.
    The flare ability is for when you move your troops. When you upgrade flare it allows your troops to move for more seconds on each command.
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    Andrew 76 reacted to Topher0902's status with Like Like.
    When you get trop do you get free coins for the game you are pla?
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    Andrew 76 reacted to dingdong's status with Like Like.
    Found the gold RPg won over 8 million but didn't get credited...robbing -------
  • A
    Andrew 76 reacted to April - FTX Games's comment on dingdong's profile post with Like Like.
    Hi there! I assume you are talking about The Walking Dead: Casino Slots? Could you please be so kind as to send me a ticket from inside...
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    Andrew 76 reacted to BurntheWorld420's status with Like Like.
    What's up survivors!?
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    Andrew 76 reacted to Chase - FTX Games's comment on jordancortneyn's profile post with Like Like.
    We will have a mailing list you can subscribe to, and daily posts on our social channels that will both give free coins soon! We will be...