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Recent content by April - FTX Games

  1. April - FTX Games

    Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements Closes in 60 Days

    Another boost is coming your way soon! This post is to inform all our players that Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements will, unfortunately, cook its last batch in 60 days. We hope you’ve been enjoying the Gold we gave away last month. In 30 days we will be locking all threads in the Breaking Bad...
  2. April - FTX Games

    Hello @Jalin rabei , please see THIS thread to see how you may gain access to subscriptions.

    Hello @Jalin rabei , please see THIS thread to see how you may gain access to subscriptions.
  3. April - FTX Games

    Membro vip

    Hello @Jalin rabei , we have been closing all threads related to this issue in an attempt to cut down on duplicate threads. Please see THIS thread to see how you may gain access to subscriptions.
  4. April - FTX Games

    Membership missing

    Hello @Boom2 , thank you for reaching out to our support team. They are working on your request and will reply as soon as possible. Please refrain from sending multiple requests for the same issue, as that makes it more difficult for our support team to assist you in a timely manner.
  5. April - FTX Games

    Storage Maxed When Colllecting

    Okay, that's good to know, thank you for your response. Please let me know if this prompt becomes more frequent, or does in fact log you out of the game. In the meantime, if you haven't, please connect your Breaking Bad account to your Facebook account. This will save your progress in the event...
  6. April - FTX Games

    Membership missing

    Hello @Boom2 , I've relocated your thread as it was in the Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements subforum, rather than Narcos: Cartel Wars. If you have logged into a new device, please ensure you've connected your account either to Apple Game Center, Facebook, or Google Play, whichever you had...
  7. April - FTX Games

    Storage Maxed When Colllecting

    Hmm, thank you for mentioning this Ice. This is the first time this has come to my attention. Does the game auto log you out, or are you able to continue to play as normal after the prompt appears?
  8. April - FTX Games

    Lost access

    Hello Maydead. I've found your contacts to our support team and can see that they are working on your request. They will respond as soon as they have an update.
  9. April - FTX Games

    TRANSFERRING game from iphone to android

    Hello there. Please go into the Settings menu and connect your account to Facebook (on your current/old device). Then do the same on your new device to restore your progress. If you have any trouble, please feel free to contact our support team at narcos@ftxgames.com.
  10. April - FTX Games

    Breaking Bad 6/30/20 Game Maintenance

    Hello all, my sincere apologies. Planned maintenance ended up going longer than we would have liked. The game will return soon!
  11. April - FTX Games

    You should see the game restored now!

    You should see the game restored now!
  12. April - FTX Games

    New player

    Hello @Klassenmuphy. We do not recommend players to use multiple accounts on a single device, as it is possible for progress overwrites to occur. However, it is possible (at the player's own risk), so long as the Narcos accounts are tied to different Facebook accounts. To save your progress to...
  13. April - FTX Games

    Challenger club bug

    Hello @Reg, please contact our support team by choosing "Report an issue" in the Settings menu and give them a description of what you experienced. They are looking into why this might have happened and your game logs would really help. Thank you!
  14. April - FTX Games

    Ios account

    Hello @KFC. Moving your account between devices should be as easy as connecting to Facebook on your old device, and then doing the same on the new one. It sounds like this process has not worked, so please contact our support team on your NEW device by using "Report an issue" in the Settings...
  15. April - FTX Games

    Status of Subscriptions

    @BLACK , please follow the steps outlined in the first post of this thread. Our support team will be glad to help you. @ElRouge , thank you for sending our support team an email! They will get back to you as soon as they can.