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Chase - FTX Games

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  • I'm all about change but also about listening to change.
    Thanks for your time and I look forward to helping this game.
    Rewards after wars now are negligible compared to the amount it costs just to fight in them, take out skills etc...
    I have spent real money and way too much time invested to see this game head in the direction it's going.
    why have I waited 14 days and had no response from support? I am very frustrated and on the verge of deleting. I have spent over $3k US dollars on this game . I have been a loyal player and I feel very disrespected.I was going to buy gold since I have been on a gold strike but now I'm not. I want to be compensated for this and I want it now or I'm gonna have my lawyer handle it.
    Ibought 3x box limited edition. Discription said it gives max star but i only got 2x5 star and 1 olivia 4star pls fix your mess sir bcoz we spend money here so give us a good service that player.can enjoy it.
    I only get 1 or 2 players a day and they are 7 levels above and have to wait 24 hours where is the fun in that it makes me give up. How the fck am I supposed to beat these bases I can't even revenge these crazy bases
    Chase, so many people complain that they mapped with too high level opponents and they have no chance at all to defeat them.

    Here is an idea ... how about in the talent search rather then random, you place a set gold price for a talent and offer those to the players. Money would still be spent. It would just allow a player to chose from a list of talents and get what they want knowing the set price. More and more players are becoming frustrated with the amount of money we spend and what we get in return ...

    Hi Chase, another feedback from my cartel member. He want to have a shortcut to link the sicario to the assigned resource center from the sicario information tab. I think this feature is good and player have more convenient to find their sicario.
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    Gary Mulder
    Gary Mulder
    Way too much time spent matching sicario to resource Centre. An outline as to how and where you can know which sicario is at which centre
    Hi Chase,

    I have feeling that my rating increse much slower when I increase my level. There is few and few opponent mapped into my map so that the chance to increase rating reduce. The other lower level people have higher chance to increase their rating and it's not fair. Please help to double check the way you map opponent and reply me.


    And it's not the 1st time this has happened either while searching for talents, and if support had replied to me that day then I would've been able to get all information sent to them through game logs, it's not my fault that they took so long to answer me! I can see why so many are leaving the game when good customers get treated badly
    Hi chase can you have a look to see why I lost a talent that I got then my game crashed and when I got back on the talent changed, I already sent screenshots etc to support but it took them over 1 week to reply and it's not the 1st time it's happened, I don't want any compensation all I want is what I had to buy to try rectify the problem myself coz support never answered me
    4. I bought a lot of limited edition chest and always same sicarios I have . Maybe I bought 30 chests and never got a Widow sicarios . I saw players with even 3 and 4. That's not fair at all.
    3. When changing talents it's totally unfair.
    If I'm changing a 3/5 health building looking for better so it's not logic that 1/5 and 2/5 or 3/5 health building be options. I spent once 14k and didn't get a 4/5. Not fair
    There is many points in this game which is not fair at all. I wish one day you take care of it .
    1. Base should be higher level than 20 so Scropions or other sicarios doesn't defeat it easily.
    2. Should be more space a little bit in personal base.
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