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Recent content by Germano mosconi

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    Ftx releases another clown to "fix" s2f

    the only way for players who do not have davids was the kamikaze on the tower, with this new sic those who do not have david can stop playing Well done ftx, day by day you prove to be very smart ‍
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    New update

    Ftx don’t want to solve David’s disaster that’s the truth...people have spent too much for David’s.. and don’t believe when they says” we will release update to improve game” That’s a big lie!! Want a solution?? Stop purchase hit em in the business
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    Unfair Cartel Wars matchups

    Few players keep playing David&smoke, warden tower ecc ecc People are tired about this, only in my cartel 7 top players are quit the game,there aren’t new players who make war, just the same person in the same cartel 1 year ago it wasn't like that
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    New Feature - Sicario Sorting

    Wg what change with this update??
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    New Update

    There are to many sheeps in this game Ftx is glad to introduce new update because with this players they earn big money They will never fixed David power or warden tower( the real problems in this game), but introduce 6/6 talents, hoping the sheeps buy gold for stop David attack Nothing can stop...
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    Bye bye guys...

    I’ve spent when it was a funny game Now everything is useful because you buy something and 1 month later ftx release update too “fix” the problem Do you want an example?? Forta-stop missiles Miguel- stop bombs Warden tower don Neto-stop no deploy David and propaganda- ?? P.s I’m curious to see...
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    Bye bye guys...

    Y yes I bought don Neto Before “David-mania” I’ve spent 56 euro How much for 1 team of perfect David? If you want to spend again ok Ftx always looking for people like you
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    Bye bye guys...

    After 3 years i’m done with the game Im tired to see 4 David destroy level 100 pound in 1 hit, I’m tired of ftx politics based only on the money and don’t listen customers I’ve spent a lot of money for defence for what?? There will be always a player with 4 -- David that will destroy base in 15...
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    Ftx be honest for 1 time in your history...

    How's business going now? with the warden tower really your business has increased ?? I have seen many players quit game in my opinion you are not very intelligent Or maybe you want to earn the last money before shut down game...
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    Don Neto

    That’s unfair because I got sic with health talents But new health talents include finca So I have to spend tons of gold for change them?? Only because old talents are called “+15%building health” and the new “+15% building Health include guerrilla”?? Is this another way to make ONLY money...
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    @Ben - few questions

    We can move a class action against them
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    Don Neto Sicario bug or Purpose

    A attack and destroy him c’mon You ftx make me laugh every time
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    Well done update with tower.

    Ok my friend prepare yourself at the end of this game
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    new challenge

    I’m agree with you bro @Chase - FTX Games stop with this politic or most of us will leave the game
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    Italian top five cartel recruitment

    Italian’s top five cartel “pornogomorra”is looking for active players +50 level High bonus club capos level 32 up to 33 soon We can speak English too