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Recent content by Jesús Alberto Castellanos

  1. Jesús Alberto Castellanos

    Fuegos too slow

    Fuegos before David,they had another speed, then they sell David and propaganda to make the fuegos faster maybe is time to make fuegos obsolete.
  2. Jesús Alberto Castellanos

    CHallengers Club: good idea, buried right after start!

    I know that that the shield doesn't work, imagine you have to sacrifice guerrilla to put the shield generator That is an error, losse attack to gain defense a big mistake. Nobody will use the generator if doesn't stop David smoke attack.
  3. Jesús Alberto Castellanos

    CHallengers Club: good idea, buried right after start!

    the shield generator mus be a permanent building, and the bateries could be use to boost the shield generator to 70%, 100% , 140%, many people will cosume bateries in the game to keep the shield and ftx will gain as much money than as made with david, diego, scorpion. Boost the shield...
  4. Jesús Alberto Castellanos

    Life after narcos

    People should not get mad at with this game they always do the same and don't think change the game until the new sicario make as much money as Diego's(misile), Scorpions,Brone(bomb), window,etc,etc.You know the history. I abandoned my account level 68 and now I have compared the cost of the...
  5. Jesús Alberto Castellanos

    David and Parka , Cartel Wars

    i was expecting a real narcos game , i think i wait the enough, ftx have the control of the game ,before the update, people was playing with bomb and flash, now all wants to play with david running to the finca.
  6. Jesús Alberto Castellanos

    David and Parka , Cartel Wars

    I leave nomads because wars are boring with David's, I don't fit in this new wars I move to cck.
  7. Jesús Alberto Castellanos

    David and Parka , Cartel Wars

    The game is not dying my friend there are too many players buying David in the roulette. Old players are dying not the game.lowers players think David are awesome.old playera think that runing to the finca is --. Just stop buying, have a fun. Ftx wiki not change te game, is their game, they have...
  8. Jesús Alberto Castellanos

    Anybody like the new run to finca wit david/parca? Or is it worse than no deploy

    People will stop first play the game than ftx make a change. Just stop and make a big cementery of higher players. Nothing will change, new players can spend as old players. New players only have David old players have obsolete sícarios.
  9. Jesús Alberto Castellanos

    You steal all players

    People spend 80,000 gold for only 1% of health are you kidding me? Lol
  10. Jesús Alberto Castellanos

    Nightmare Raid

  11. Jesús Alberto Castellanos

    Level 6 Talents

    Analiza cuánto remueve la torre de vigilancia: *Un escuadrón para el suicidio si no tienes David.(o dos si tiene elevada salud.) *Remueve el efecto total del bigbang en los edificios.(todo tu dinero en conseguir bigbang 5/5 se fue a la basura) *La torre es inmune al efecto bigbang. *Remueve todo...
  12. Jesús Alberto Castellanos

    Level 6 Talents

    Ya por favor paren de llorar, jugar con David kamizazes no está bien pero no lo van a arreglar hasta que pasen unos seis meses o más. Jugar fácil siempre es malo pues al final de cuentas ese ataque va a desaparecer. Desapareció el ataques de diegos, desaparecio el ataques de bombas, desapareció...
  13. Jesús Alberto Castellanos


    The tower is fine for all players that believe that with five or six perfect ground defence could defend. They believe all players will use misil or bomb. We never use a calculator and never paid for a premium account to see groundd defense of the other players. there always other kind of...
  14. Jesús Alberto Castellanos

    Every account should be profitable

    I wrote fuegos running to the finca, I don't use it and I stop playing wars for that reason. I don't agree with that attack so I don't complain only stop playing wars. Every body can attack how they want someone told me so yeah but there is not strategy in that attack. Is the same that misil and...
  15. Jesús Alberto Castellanos

    Every account should be profitable

    I'm tired that after every update I can't use my old teams. The account should not be affected to much, only make a little change and still playing with my old teams. All players want to use the old teams, their favorite unit , the sicarios that they buyed. What happened if a player don't want...