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Recent content by Uschcobar

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    Is the event really worth playing?

    You PROStata Player!
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    AUSTRALIA'S #1 CARTEL (CARTEL DE OZ) Is looking for strong active players!!!

    No Deploy-Players only! Only STACKED Players...
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    LMFAO............. I had almost the same in my mind ...
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    Are you tired of Pointless suggestions and attachments of Mike Morono?

    Hermanos, Mike HELPED getting UNstacked cheaters ( 40% X4 AbiliTY = TALENT GDef) to GOLD _ Generat0rs v.1.521 update.apk . L33ch or DIE before 4x DIEGO FULL-unSTACKED --> CODE "no DEPLOY on port: 1443 <<--
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    Since when is finca a defence building?

    How much Gold do one get for 1 k Messages? ^^ :D
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    Since when is finca a defence building?

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    I have Ground defense 3,but it looks 1-2.

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    Darwins Reward Nerfed

    He used #PURLPE-RAiN-Glitch to get UNSTACKED SICARIO Team. Also using Noob (= no OB) during Aunt Irma also makes Sicarios appear PurPLE. (Compare "Prince" aka ?!Symbol-Talent boost) !! anti.BOT: Deploy the Unemployed to get away from Bahnhofzoo (TroopCamp) = CLS Input a$ If a$ = "STACKED"...
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    Darwins Reward Nerfed

    NO DEPLOY-Stack got legit using TALENTS-NeRf-Generator protection Units. -> Compare >>She-ra vs. RPG soldiers<< TYPE: Load "unstacked" ,8,1 for SiCARIO SUPER-Talents GLiTCH Poke.
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    Darwins Reward Nerfed

    Great!! Thanks for letting me know that it worked. Did not think of "20 GOTO 10" , but that did the trick. Please joing us on mIRC: #ONLINE GENERAT0r_h4xx0r
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    Darwins Reward Nerfed

    50% FB ... damaged STACKED!!! only hermano. Talents of FURY 50% - from DUSK till DIEGO -->> nerfed. RESET protection SYSTEM LOAD "$", 8 Loading Searching ONLINE GENERAT0r Ready.. RUN
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    Saving the resources required for large upgrades

    Du langweilst mich mittlerweile, Alter!
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    Any use for shock wave.

    Du langweilst mich
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    Sicario+Troop Setup

    @Chase - FTX Games and FTX Crew: Please do create a way that one can Setup Sicario+Troop Scenes. So that one can easily choose between Teams for example Team A (Sic A+B+C+D + Flacos) or Team B (Sic E+F+G+H + RPG+Gordos). This would make it very easy to select a Team according to the battle...