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Recent content by zecke2

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    Los Wochos Germany

    Moin, es kann Monate bzw. Jahre dauern bis man ganz oben ist und ihr verschwendet unnötig zeit und recoursen. davon mal abgesehen das es immer für kleinere Kartelle schwierig ist genug Spieler zusammen zu bekommen bzw. zu halten um vernünftig zu wachsen und Kriege zu führen. Ihr alle oder...
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    New update

    The only surprise we will get is that everyone will be disappointed. You Can tell us now
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    New update

    Can you please tell us WHY it takes so much time to bring the generator?? I really hope ftx bring us a good innovativ update that hold the players and safe the game. BUT i think the update will be disappointing as always. I have really thought that you April are a better mod as all the mods...
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    Is the new shield gona save narcos?

    The new shield generator AND the warden tower helps a little bit in compound. no more finca rush ;) BUT you MUST bring it to all player bases asap. then we can test it out in normal pvp fights and ONLY THEN we can give you good informations about the shield generator and how good it works. all...
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    David nonsense no fun :/

    Hi @April - FTX Games why you start the shield generator in compound? that is not meaningful. we must have it in normal player bases to see whats happening. Thats the real players life ,fight against other players bases. thats the only way to see if its work or if its another useless or...
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    The last recruitment post you'll ever need to read!

    i would say come over and test it out. we are guys from around the world. us,french,german,south america,russia, netherland etc.
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    The last recruitment post you'll ever need to read!

    where did you come from ? english isnt my home language too ;)
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    The last recruitment post you'll ever need to read!

    Imo you must not have 3 David squads but it's not wrong ;-) We make attacks too with fb, torchers, flash etc . If you win your attacks it doesn't matters. Here are many without 3 David squads. The best is you come over and test it out. OR you come to Poloman Legends for more relaxing :-)
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    The last recruitment post you'll ever need to read!

    always up to date ;)
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    Level 6 Talents

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    The last recruitment post you'll ever need to read!

    if you are a lower level player and you cant donate much come to Poloman Legends drama free cartel. we try to help each others. ...and if you than strong enough you can join the best cartel in game history -----) NoBull
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    Anybody like the new run to finca wit david/parca? Or is it worse than no deploy

    Yes, that's reality :-( And ftx make nothing as always .
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    death mask raid event

    @Ben - FTX Games Who designed this event? he must be completely unworldly. Who should earn all the cash for new troops? against no deploy is alright but this is over the top !! whatever ftx does. Everything is wrong. are there at ftx actually people playing the game? and this for a lousy...
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    Bring Back The Narcos Website

    @Ben - FTX Games when are you starting to do it? Here in forum are so many ideas for improving the game over the last years BUT ftx is only interested in money. That's all. Greedy money!! What about David rush on Finca?? What about overpowered defense with this stupid warden tower and...
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    @Ben - FTX Games does not answer really important questions anyway. So many questions But the forum moderator prefers to do nothing. I hope you are back from vacation and do you job now. Community is waiting for clearing of all questions. CopyNinja WardenTower Davids rush. ..... Would be nice...