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  1. Pablo Escobar

    Experts help needed plz

    hello guys, I am confused a little bit about choosing my perfect team combination, I am currently lvl 32, these are my sicarios, 1- Alan 5 (lvl 42), with flash talent 2- La Quica 5 (lvl 40) 3- 2 Diego 5 (lvl 40) 4- 1 Diego 3 (lvl 29) 3- Darwin 5 (lvl 40)
  2. Bogan

    Everyone having a Cry

    i don't know about all you's but I am sick to death of all these players having a cry and constant whinge about how there Diego squads are now useless. *****ATTENTION EVERYONE***** They arn't useless you just have to use them the way you used to use them, you know blowing up afew building then...
  3. C

    4x Diego

    hra nemá smysl. Jak se můžete ubránit 4 x Diego s talenty na missile demage level 60? Pouze když máte spoustu peněz na zlato a balíčky můžete hrát. V Raidu nemáte šanci, protože tito hráči mají RAID hotový za 5 minut. Hra začíná čím dál víc připomínat Mobile Strike, také hra pouze pro hráče...
  4. N

    Had ENOUGH with the Diego's.......

    Ok, it was cute at first, but now im getting sick of everyone able to just use 4 upgraded Diego's and just hit your base with missiles without even having to use troops. This needs to be fixed, nobody should be able to just shoot missiles at your base without having to use troops. And by the way...
  5. F

    Diegos, Diegos and more Diegos

    Currently, the only two offensive Sicarios worth spending plata on and upgrading are Diegos and Scorpions. Scorpions are more expensive, which leaves most of the Narcos Cartel Wars offensive squads with 100% Diego platoons. This makes the offensive part of the game somewhat boring as far as...