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  1. Tigerman

    Talent and sacrifice sicario

    Hello. Am playing in Italian and have a little trouble understanding the meaning of sacrifice of a sicario in order to get a talent. Is there some dedicated webpage or thread where this is explained in detail ? I could not find it. Also, currently level 12, do I always need a certain amount of...
  2. C

    FRAUD - Plain and Simple

    I have been playing this game for many months now. I have enjoyed playing the game, and I have spent a lot of money trying to get my Sicarios leveled up and with good talents, like everyone else that is playing. I have always been under the assumption when Fusing Sicarios with Talents that the...
  3. TajKyH

    Talent repetiton

    Have you any problem with talents? When i roll them i see same talents always. Not bad if you get 4/5 fb but i dont need firebombs anymore. Chase??
  4. S

    Talent explanation

    Can you guys please help me with one dilemma. A few of very high level players in top cartels are claiming that the +xx% squad damage applies not only to one squad camp (1 army) but to all 4 squad camp. So lets say four 5 stars poisons would give 60% added damage to the whole army (all 4...
  5. VeniVidiVici

    Sicario's talents

    I've just spend over 2500 gold looking for rocket louncher health 16 or 20% with no luck. The best i get is 12% after 50 or more different talents, but what is bother me is that there is a ton of talents which are just crap and system is ****, when u hoping u get better talents after refleshing...
  6. Chopper

    Crashed talent search

    Hi all, I am a level 47 game name chopper and I have had problems 3 times while searching for talents for base sicarios, I had 20% RL health and as I clicked to accept the talent the game crashed/error occurred and once I got back on my game the talent had changed to something different so I...