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weekly league

  1. J

    War matcmaking and weekly league!!! Answear please!!!

    Oke @Chase - FTX Games i make some thread about the weekly league but u never answear it. Ok my question: 1. With this cartel war update. How many different level and rating between cartel that war???? 2. Is the weekly league fix by this update?????????????? We need ur answear since u BLIND...
  2. T

    Tournament false placement

    First of i enjoy this game so i already had some purchases in it to make it easier. And i would keep doing it if it would be needed. But today i had this problem/bug and thats soooo discouraging to even continue playing... I had everything calculated and organized so that at the point i hit 43...
  3. S

    weekly league

    last week i finish 5th on my league and i was not promoted. i contact the game support.sent a lot of pictures that prove there was a problem there first they tried to lie to me. than another pic shows that what they are saying isnt the true. they told me :"ok,there was a problem.we will fix it...