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Bring Back The Narcos Website


Active Member
Nov 4, 2017
Since @Ben - FTX Games you're more likely to respond in public, I'll clarify to the public what my demands were:
1) an approval so that I will not be in liability on running the site
2) intention to allow the cartel management features for everyone and not just donators, which was not reviewed at all. I was ready willing to work to tone down some of the features. Again, it's a NO without looking at the details and the benefits it brings.
3) intention to remove the burden of maintaining the cost of the site, which I suggested that it can be hosted by FTX.

There were no negotiations done to any of these demands as there were no response at all. Offers and demands were made, but ultimately, it's FTX and your game players who will greatly benefit from this.
@Ben - FTX Games

For Point 3)

Ftx already has a website for this game and a support page for FAQ in the game. Please explore the option of adding the data of copyninja site over there. I don't think that it needs additional charges for hosting.



If ftx can't do it, May be we have to opt for donations and advertising route to maintain the site.

For Point 2)

@copyninja Probably it's difficult for ftx support to understand verbal explanations of the additional features you wish to provide. We can do two things here.

A) add the extra tabs in your site for cartel management and make it live for the ftx team. They can then browse the site and give specific approvals for each tab/feature.
B) Put photos of those features here instead of adding in the website.

I would say option A will clear all the apprehensions of FTX team and help in the decision making.


New Member
Oct 16, 2018
It is not clear how to develop in the strategic game further. Can someone tell me for a cartel club 40 lvl, how many resources are needed? And what should I build on the future 53 lvl, so as not to set up what Escobar recommends;)? The strategy is the strategy that you can see ahead a few steps.
All this was on the site @copyninja - specific, useful information. And do not delete my messages, because they relate to the topic!


Active Member
Jan 10, 2018
There was no response from them at all after I sent them messages a week ago. I regret to say that they are not interested at all to bring the site back. Good luck to all of you.
They are not interested in players or communication what so ever.
Only money, as fast as possible, as much as possible....

His lordship

Active Member
Sep 6, 2017
@copyninja is allowed to put his site back with all basic features. This was never an issue. I have stated over and over that this wasn't the issue. It is true you don't have all the facts, @His lordship, but this was discussed with @copyninja, and he made demands that frankly, we were not going allow.

1. Allow him to collect donations for running the site.

This wasn't an issue for us, that is until we found a hidden login that required a $50 USD "donation" (once a limit is set it becomes a purchase) to access, stating that there were additional premium features to be unlocked. This did not fly.

2. Allow him to put advertisements on his site.

He is more than able to add ads to his site, it was his choice not to.

We will not be purchasing his site or compensating him in any way.
@Ben - FTX Games not sure why you tagged me in this...