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I know slots are a game of chance but...


New Member
Sep 22, 2019
Listen, yes with a slot machine you can win or lose but the amount of coins I went through to get a free spin which I need to complete the keys to the kingdom is just absolutely ridiculous. It seems like it is rigged so that you cannot win the challenges at all. I’m stuck on the last board in the Kingdom where I need 300 million won from free spins. First the spins I got paid out barely anything which is not usual for when I play the kingdom outside of this challenge and now i have easily gone though a billion coins up and down and i can not get a free spin to save my life. Sorry, I just don’t believe its coincidence that you can’t finish these challenges. I even bought coins to no avail.

Ben - FTX Games

Staff member
Nov 27, 2018
Hello @Imagin916 have you been able to contact our support team? They have the tools to be able to look up your account and see if anything improper is taking place. They can be reached from within the game by clicking the gear in the top right corner and clicking contact us. Please give a short description of your issue so that they know what to look for. Thanks for playing!